November (11/3) – People + Purpose

Positioning culture to find, attract and retain an engaged workforce

Even before Covid-19 came into our lives with a force, businesses were struggling with finding employees. Today, it’s even harder to find, attract and retain people in a wide range of industries. We’ll share stories and insights into how business leaders can build a strong culture, create meaningful career opportunities, and stay competitive for talent. And, we’ll share strategies that will make an impact today and build toward the future.

About Kinesis:
At Kinesis, we catalyze the success of businesses by ensuring they are healthy, scalable, and positioned for growth. Built on decades of experience working with small businesses, our approach focuses on three key areas proven to accelerate your transformation: Brand, Culture, and Business Development. We like to take businesses from good to great, and from great to remarkable.

About Jeff Wester:
With more than a decade of strategic marketing experience, Jeff helps business leaders cast visions for growth, as well as create remarkable brand stories and amplification strategies. He believes that strategic thinking allows us to draw on creativity and experience to see opportunities that push our clients toward success.

Wednesday, November 3, 2021 from 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM PT.